Short description

The NAMA-Tool provides developers and implementers of NAMA with brief step-by-step instructions on how to develop a NAMA. The tool navigates users to the relevant information, knowledge, instruments, and publications available.

The process is structured into ten steps. The 10-step approach is designed to supply users with more data and accessible instruments for certain aspects of the NAMA development.

Even though this tool helps prepare for the implementation of NAMAs, it is first and foremost a navigation tool, guiding practitioners through the process of developing a NAMA. It is not an instrument for the implementation of NAMAs itself.

This tool also does not give sector-specific instructions, but includes links to sector-specific expertise and handbooks.


Target group

Government departments and agencies, Academia, Experts and Advisors appointed with the task to develop/set-up NAMAs


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List of countries which have successfully used this tool

Peru, Costa Rica, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Senegal, Jordanien


Link to documentation or reference

Interactive PDF, Manual
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