Investment and Financial Flows (I&FF) Assessments

Short description

A national I&FF assessment seeks to answer:

  • From a development perspective, what does the country need to address climate change?

  • What policy framework and financial architecture will be required to achieve that change?


The I&FF assessment considers:

  • What are adaptation/mitigation options for key sectors in next 20 years?

  • Which are major sources of public and private funds and who invests?

  • What changes and what additional I&FF are needed to address climate change?


The I&FF assessments use current and historic information to project future needs:

  • Articulate needs to address climate change in key sectors in a systematic way.

  • Determine the magnitude of national efforts required to address climate change.

  • Encourage long-term planning that incorporates climate change investment decisions.


Elements of the methodology:

  • Engage key ministries, identify key sectors, organize National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue

  • Organize training on I&FF methodology, conduct assessments of I&FF flows:

    • Define scope of sectors & analyze historic investments

    • Project a baseline and a mitigation/adaptation scenario

    • Attribute the Investment and Financial Flows information to each activity

    • Subtract values of the baseline scenario from those of the mitigation/adaptation scenario to identify changes in investments needed

    • Develop policy recommendations on how to incentivize the necessary changes.

  • Organize National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on results and next steps.


39 assessments have been carried out in 15 countries. Assessments, methodology, training material, summaries for policy makers, case studies and flyers are available in 4 languages.


Target group

Policy-makers in finance/planning/environment ministries, private sector representatives, practitioners


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