Climate Policy Implementation Tracking Framework

Short description

Countries around the world are increasingly developing policies to address climate change and mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While this trend is encouraging, policies will only be successful in meeting the climate challenge to the extent that they are fully implemented.

Tracking the progress of a diverse range of climate-related policies in a consistent manner has presented a challenge to analysts, advocates, and policymakers. This paper offers a framework for tracking climate policies through the process of adoption, implementation, and eventually to impact.

The framework is designed to provide guidance on selecting milestones and indicators that help track the progress of policy adoption and implementation. It also provides a set of in-depth questions to help users probe more deeply into the reasons for implementation success or failure.


Target group

This framework is designed for a wide range of users — governments, civil society organizations, research institutes, donor institutions, advocacy groups, and others — interested in tracking the adoption and implementation of policies that address climate change mitigation.


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