Climate Change Financing Framework

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Guidance Note for Elaborating a Climate Change Financing Framework (CCFF)

Based on a regional stock take and global peer review process, UNDP has developed a guidance note that outlines key elements, benefits, and steps to elaborating a CCFF, providing practical how-to advice to key stakeholders.

Global actions to implement the Paris Agreement and the SDGs, including SDG #13, will see climate finance reaching $100 billion per year. While some of these flows will be channeled through climate funds and to ad hoc climate projects, the majority, whether focused on adaptation or mitigation, will come from traditional sources and mainstreamed into the planning and budgeting of routine investments and program delivery across sectors.

UNDP has supported countries champion CCFFs to integrate climate strategies into their budgeting and fiscal processes since 2009 and to develop tools and system for national climate finance tracking. In broad terms, CCFFs provide a strategic framework that reviews financing gaps and outlines key governance, planning and budget system reforms to better link financing to delivery of priority actions under a more integrated approach. As of early 2017 these “climate change financing frameworks” have been or are being done in 7 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in several Indian States). Other countries have undertaken work on elements of a CCFF (Bhutan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam).


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Officials in planning and finance ministries and line ministries as well as climate policy bodies.


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List of countries which have successfully used this tool

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan

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