Thematic Working Groups

Since COP 21, dedicated NDC support by the “International Climate Initiative” (IKI) of the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety is coordinated through the IKI NDC Support Cluster. Through seven projects with a total funding volume of approximately EUR 56 million, ten climate and development implementing partners coordinate their activities to allocate resources effectively and efficiently in 27 selected partner countries. The NDC Cluster operates in full cooperation with the NDC Partnership.


All implementing partners pool their expertise and experience and aim for a coherent approach in four thematic support areas.

In the thematic support areas, implementing partners seek a closer collaboration and a coherent approach to complement their respective expertise. The goals of the working groups are to provide a platform for information sharing, coordination of activities, and developing joint outputs as appropriate, among implementing partners.




  • Strengthening capacity in partner governments

  • Building climate expertise in sector/line ministries

  • Reinforcing government ownership and buy-in

  • Fostering engagement by stakeholders (especially private sector and civil society)

  • Ensuring linkages of NDCs with long-term strategies (LEDS)

  • Supporting the revision and increased ambition of INDCs

Contact: Michael Comstock (UNDP)




  • Identification of priority sectors and of best practice

  • Demonstration of “action on the ground”

  • Approaches to linking projects and programs (e.g. NAMAs) with the NDC implementation

  • Assessment and promotion of co-benefits

Contact: Xander van Tilburg (TNO)




  • Strengthening and development of domestic financial infrastructures

  • Identification of national and international, public and private funding sources

  • Development of investment strategies and measures to support NDC implementation

  • Strengthened finance instruments for scaling up private investment

Contact: Charlotte Ellis (SSN)




  • Development of systems for tracking and monitoring of NDCs

  • Strengthening and building MRV and GHG accounting systems

  • Strengthening collecting and processing of data and methods

  • Advancement of emission projections and scenarios development

Contact: Kelly Levin (WRI)


Cross-cutting capacity building and knowledge management

  • Joint international conferences on NDC implementation

  • Organization of tools for NDC implementation in a centralized shared “toolbox”

  • Joint helpdesk for flexible and in-depth responses to support requests

  • Global Good Practice Database for global learning and exchange


The Cluster closely cooperates with other NDC support initiatives, amongst others the NDC Partnership, US NDC Leadership Compact, the LEDS Global Partnership and the International Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement.