Step 10: Definition of national and sectoral targets and embedding in comprehensive strategy (LEDS)


Investment and Financial Flows (I&FF) Assessments

A national I&FF assessment seeks to answer what policy framework and financial architecture is required to achieve the country’s climate and development goals. It considers adaptation/mitigation options for the next 20 years, major sources of public and private funds, and historic investments to project future needs.

PDF, Excel Sheet, Online Platform

Development Impacts Assessment (DIA) Visual Tool

The DIA Visual Tool offers an integrated, prioritisation focused framework to systematically identify, document and communicate potential impacts of low emissions development related processes, policies and actions (i.e. Low Emission Development Strategies, Nationally Determined Contributions and National Appropriate Mitigation Actions) on a country’s development priorities.

Online platform, Excel Spreadsheet

Next Steps for Converting INDCs into Action

This policy brief aims to build a shared understanding of INDC conversion by taking a deeper look into what elements a ‘converted’ INDC might include, reflecting a comprehensive national plan to achieve the INDC target. Steps of the conversion process are discussed, such as considerations for the mobilisation of finance.

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