Tracking, Implementing and Strengthening of Mitigation Contributions

Implementing partner
World Resources Institute (WRI)
11/2016 - 12/2020 (preceding project since 2011)
Project summary

This project will focus on providing governments with tools and resources to increase transparency and to track implementation and effects of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), and the underlying policies that support them. Good systems for tracking NDCs will be critical, given the requirements to account for and report on progress towards meeting the NDCs under the Paris Agreement. It will be necessary to build upon existing MRV systems for this purpose. The project will also help governments identify further abatement opportunities that can inform future NDCs. This is especially important since Parties agreed to put forward future NDCs, communicating or updating them by 2020. Lessons learned will be fed gained knowledge back into the UNFCCC to develop a robust system to track and report progress. This project will support countries in developing strengthened systems to track the implementation and effects of their NDCs, report their results accordingly to domestic and international constituencies, and prepare for future NDCs.