Support Project for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPA)

Implementing partner
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
07/2016 - 09/2019 (preceding project since 2013)
Project summary

The Support Project for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPA) strengthens the capacities of partner countries to successfully implement climate policy, reduce greenhouse gases and increase adaptive capacity, and thus helps them to contribute to achieving the long-term objective of the Paris Agreement. It provides a link between German international climate policy and development cooperation.

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB), SPA supports with four components three initiatives (co-)founded by the BMUB: the IKI NDC Support Cluster, the NDC Partnership, and the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement. With one component, SPA specifically supports the development, improvement and implementation of developing countries’ NDC adaptation goals and makes use of the platforms that are already available as part of the initiatives mentioned above in this process.

As an overarching advisory project SPA continuously ensures information exchange between the initiatives, fosters cooperation of the actors involved, and creates synergies. In all components the project contributes to capacity building by providing advisory services and platforms for exchange. In addition, it pools and disseminates climate policy knowledge and cases studies.

In the NDC Support Cluster, SPA fosters coordination among the various stakeholders to promote efficient and tailor-made support for NDC implementation. Important approaches and instruments to achieve this are joint international conferences; facilitation of easy-access to tools for NDC implementation through a shared Toolbox; a Helpdesk for flexible support; a Good Practice Database for global learning and exchange. In Morocco and Peru the project coordinates the bilateral support of the Cluster. In close cooperation with the partner it develops a capacity building plan for NDC implementation in the country with the other organisations involved.

Through its activities SPA reaches a broad target group around the world. The experience and lessons learned are fed into international discussions on climate policy implementation and the UNFCCC negotiations process.