Implementing partner
Climate Analytics, Climate Analytics Lomé, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), Charles & Ass. (CAA), Secretariat of the South Pacific Environment Program (SPREP), Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
10/2016 until 09/2019
Project summary

Climate change poses an existential threat to many Small Island States and Least Developed Countries and unmitigated would undermine sustainable development prospects for most, however, they often lack capacity to develop and implement science-based strategies and to fully represent their interests at the international level. A major focus in the coming years will need to lie on the development and implementation of low-carbon development strategies and adaptation plans and programmes at national and regional level.

IMPACT is a cross-cutting, multi-faceted project that aims to strengthen the connections between the scientific assessments of climate impacts, vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation to help enable SIDS and LDCs with access to climate finance and supporting implementation. The project aims to address these objectives and build sustainable capacity in partner regions through focused work on five dimensions: 

  1. Analysis of transformational pathways, including emission ambition requirements in line with the 1.5°C goal in the Paris Agreement, to inform implementation, climate finance investments, and adaptation needs, as well as the submission of revised NDCs by 2020
  2. Regional analysis of impacts, vulnerability, adaptation, and costs to co-develop scientifically based tools climate policy-making and to enhance analytical capabilities required for climate finance access 
  3. Improve access to climate finance using the tools developed and shape a 1.5°C compatible climate finance architecture 
  4. Support national implementation of science-based climate strategies, including NDCs
  5. Support international implementation of the Paris Agreement and supporting rule-sets, facilitative dialogue in 2018 and call for more ambitious NDCs by 2020. 

The tools and methods of this project will be co-developed with partner organisations in the three regions (Caribbean, Pacific, West-Africa), to follow regional requirements, ensure ownership and establish long-term application capacities. Integration into a larger framework will ensure comparability and transferability of results between regions. Successful development and piloting of the tools will encourage further roll-out in the regions. Regional dissemination will be facilitated through regular regional workshops during the project. Long-term sustainable access to financial resources is supported through building capacities of national and regional entities to successfully prepare and submit funding proposals that fully meet climate finance criteria.