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How NDCs can drive the transformation of the energy sector

In a NDC Cluster workshop, Cluster members and experts discussed how to overcome the barriers that countries face in transforming the energy sector in order to implement their nationally determined contributions (NDCs).
Joachim Steiner United Nations development programme

UNDP NDC Support Programme launched at COP23

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) launched the NDC Support Programme to support countries in making progress on their Nationally Determined Contributions. The NDC Support Programme will strengthen countries’ capacities in integrated governance, gender mainstreaming, climate actions, transparency systems, climate finance and private sector engagement.
CPEIR Workshop

Six Latin American Countries Swap Ideas on Mobilizing Domestic Resources for Climate Action

Mobilizing finance for the implementation of national climate plans (NDCs) remains one of the most challenging issues as countries grabble with turning their intentions into actions. Getting a grasp on the domestic financial landscape and expenditures related to climate action is thereby a critical step in order to clarify the national base scenario and engage critical players (like finance or pla …