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Panel discussion during COP24 side event

The role of global initiatives and networks in driving NDC implementation

During a COP24 side event organised by the Support Project for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPA), participants agreed that global networks and initiatives have an important part to play in implementing NDCs and raising ambition. It also became clear, however, that the approaches to and targets set for NDCs were inadequate to kick-start transformative change in key sectors.

How prototyping can help us identify better climate governance and transparency approaches

The advantages of the innovative design-thinking methodology called "prototyping" are described in an article published by the UNDP NDC Support Programme. The methodology was used in a series of workshops which the NDC Support Cluster held earlier this year within its four thematic work streams – governance, sector approaches, financing, and transparency.

Advancing national adaptation planning: How can we achieve the adaptation goals of the Paris Agreement?

The first IKI Adaptation Workshop under the NDC Support Cluster took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 2–5 October 2018. 25 participants from eight organisations and five countries came together to discuss ‘Experiences and approaches for advancing national adaptation planning and implementation to achieve the adaptation goals of the Paris Agreement’.