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Climate change commitments and development planning – 10 propositions for success

The Climate & Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) has published a paper which examines the perquisites for the “successful integration of climate change (and specifically NDC) commitments into national development planning.” The paper is directed towards development policy-makers as well as their partners and formulates ten propositions that function as a ‘check-list’ to support integration.

German Governments Climate Action Plan 2050 now available in English

German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks presented the long-term strategy for the first time at COP22 in Marrakesh. The German Government submitted its strategy – the Climate Action Plan 2050 – as one of the first countries during the COP in November 2016 to UNFCCC. Now the German Government has submitted the full version of its Climate Action Plan 2050 to the UNFCCC.
Cluster launch working group on MRV

Interview: ‘The challenge is to translate climate language into technical and entrepreneurial language’

In the interview, Alfonso Galarce and Johanna Arriagada Díaz gave insights into Chile's NDC implementation process. They explained how the introduction of a carbon tax has fostered investments of big companies in emission reductions and addressed challenges related to NDC implementation.
Mohamed Nbou speaks at NDC Conference 2017

Interview with Mohamed Nbou, Morocco: "NDCs not a shopping list, but a societal project”

At the sidelines of the Global NDC Conference in May 2017 in Berlin, Mr. Mohamed Nbou, Director in the Ministry of Environment of Morocco, showcased in an interview latest developments related to NDC implementation in his country. Among others, he explained progress in stakeholder involvement and setting up a carbon market.