NDC Implementation Futures – Policy Recommendations from the 2018 NDC Support Cluster Workshop Series

January 21, 2019

In spring and summer of 2018, the NDC Support Cluster conducted a series of workshops on NDC implementation within its four thematic work streams: governance, transparency, sector approaches and financing.

This paper summarises the key insights and main recommendations gained from this workshop series for national and subnational governments and for the expert community supporting NDC implementation. In doing so, it builds on the ideas for a number of concepts designed to support NDC implementation, which were developed by the participants during the course of the workshops.

Across the four topic areas, coordination and target alignment, appropriate incentive structures for the private sector, solutions for communication and capacity development turned out to be of major relevance.

The 2018 NDC Support Cluster workshops were aimed at discussing key experiences as well as identifying lessons learned and promising solutions with regard to various aspects of NDC implementation with a view to guiding this process further. To this end, the workshops brought together representatives from climate and development organisations, national governments, think tanks and academia.

For more information on the 2018 NDC Support Cluster workshop series, please click here.



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