NDC Helpdesk: Chile prepares its first NDC update

December 04, 2018

Chile is carrying out a first update of its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement, with completion scheduled for 2020. Chile’s update comes as a result of the progress made in international climate negotiations and its own national climate agenda, which bring a number of challenges. To implement the update, the Chilean Ministry of the Environment (Ministerio del Medio Ambiente, MMA) set up the Public Sector Working Group for NDCs (GTSP-NDC), a collaborative group made up of authorities from 11 Chilean ministries, which is coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment. Between October 2017 and March 2018, this working group was tasked with drafting Chile’s climate agenda for the years ahead as a basis for the first update of the country’s NDCs. For external expert support with this process, the MMA consulted the Helpdesk of the NDC Support Cluster following the Global NDC Conference 2017.

The UNDP NDC Support Programme, a partner organisation of the NDC Support Cluster, worked on the MMA’s request. Between January and April 2017, Chilean climate change expert Paolo Vasconi assisted the work of GTSP-NDC on behalf of UNDP. In working group sessions on mitigation commitments and on financing and government issues, he provided support in preparing the methodological design, coordinating logistics and topics, and preparing reports that documented the results of each session.

Vasconi prepared a final report entitled ‘Process of Reflection for the First Update of the NDC of Chile: proposals from the public sector’. The report summarises the discussion on what aspects of the NDC need to be reviewed in the first update for 2020. It also includes some outlines of the challenges identified in the GTSP-NDC discussions that need to be addressed when formulating and implementing the new NDC. These include defining a national framework for climate change, the need for a long-term vision on climate change, and the need to review and rethink the design of the NDC. The report proposed a series of guidelines and concrete steps for achieving progress on these challenges, which will be considered before 2020 by the decision-makers and authorities involved in updating the NDC.

The Helpdesk’s support with the NDC update in Chile has delivered valuable results: alongside workshop facilitation, the resulting report provides the decision-makers and authorities with important insights for tackling the upcoming NDC update.

The Helpdesk of the NDC Support Cluster pools expertise and resources from its partner organisations to provide developing countries with flexible support in implementing their NDCs. Further information about the Helpdesk and how to submit an enquiry can be found here.



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