NDC Cluster's Strategy Meeting in the context of COP 25

December 09, 2019

The NDC Support Cluster held a strategy meeting, on December 6th, 2019, in the context of COP 25 in Madrid, Spain. Over 30 participants, and NDC Cluster partners, gathered with the aim of harvesting solutions and best practices of how IKI can support ambition raising and NDC enhancement, in the short- and medium- terms (for 2020 and post-2025, respectively).

Discussions revolved around working definitions of both “ambition raising” and “NDC enhancement”; a general overview on the global status of NDC update; and finalized with a collaborative activity with a solution-focused approach to challenges for enhanced ambition. Preparations prior to our meeting were a result of cocreation efforts by the Cluster partners.

Key messages included: 

  • Enhanced ambition is country-specific and responsive to the goals of the Paris Agreement. Ambition can be either incremental or compatible with holding global temperature to below 1.5 or 2 degrees (Paris-compatible). True ambition will be realistic and achievable, inclusive and encompass the whole of society. Information expressing ambition in NDCs should be clear and unambiguous. 
  • Catalyzers to enhanced ambition may include political will and leadership; engaged citizens that demand climate action; external events creating windows of opportunity; peer pressure by other countries; early implementation of climate commitments; changes in costs and in the availability of technology; integrated / holistic planning.
  • Ambitious 2020 NDCs, informed by long-term strategies and aligned with the Paris long-term temperature goal, will help achieving the sustainable development goals.

Greater mitigation ambition consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goal should:

  • Remember what all Parties have agreed to;
  • Demonstrate urgency by the best available science.
  • Allow transformation across all sectors;
  • Have a long-term and whole-economy view;
  • Align NDC targets, long-term temperature goal and financial flows to Paris-compatible pathways;
  • Understand the sustainable development implications of climate ambition;
  • Consider that all countries matter (and that those with higher capacities have the responsibility to support others); and, 
  • Note that this can only happen by working together.


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