Financing adaptation to climate change – an introduction

November 05, 2019

This Briefing guides its reader through the complex subject of Adaptation Finance. It gives an overview of the state of play and the landscape of financing adaptation. Furthermore, it provides the need-to-knows about the current debate and well-selected references − a rich source of further knowledge and information on practical solutions. This paper is the second of the Adaptation Briefings series under the NDC Support Cluster, which aims to provide concise and easy to digest information on key topics, relevant for projects working on climate change adaptation for navigating respective processes in the countries.

The Paris Agreement has underlined the global importance of adaptation and contains provisions related to adaptation finance, i.e. by stating that scaled-up financial resources should aim to achieve a balance between adaptation and mitigation in Article 9.4. Successful implementation of adaptation activities for example in the context of NDCs, NAPs, and NAPAs necessitates finance from various sources, including the private sector.