ECN/NCI publish new version of the NDC Update Report

December 06, 2017
ECn/NCI NDC Update Report

During COP23 the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) and NewClimate Institute (NCI) published the second version of their twice-yearly NDC Update Report.

The report entitled ‘NDC Update Report – The long and steep climb towards a 1.5°C World’ aims to be a platform for learning, sharing insights, and discussing topics around the implementation of the Paris Agreement. It focuses mainly on mitigation ambition and action in developing countries and emerging economies, but occasionally looks at industrialised countries for contrast or comparison.

The report draws on the Ambition to Action (A2A) project and on insights derived from a survey among a wide range of climate change experts and practitioners involved in the planning and implementation of NDCs at national and sectoral level. The report critically analyses these perceptions on the progress of NDC implementation and conveys the following key messages:

  1. The survey shows that optimism and confidence are widespread among experts involved in NDC implementation, but responses between national experts (generally confident and optimistic) and sector experts (generally more critical and reserved) differ significantly.
  2. Existing assessments of NDCs tend to focus solely on analysis of countries’ targets and self-reported emissions and policy data, creating the need for a new diagnostic tool to assess the ’fitness’ of sectors and countries to achieve NDC targets or further sector decarbonisation (see page1)
  3. It takes an enhanced benefits approach to make a convincing case for the actions needed to achieve NDC targets.
  4. To move forward, many hurdles will still need to be overcome – both to make implementation effective and to increase ambition.

In addition to the above findings, each of the four thematic working groups of the NDC Support Cluster were invited to provide a short update on the main current discussion and activities related to the four key dimensions of the NDC process and cycle, namely institutions and governance, finance, data and transparency, and sector approaches (see page 39)

More information and the report itself can be found here.



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