Design thinking for climate policy

April 24, 2018

In its internal thematic workshop series, the NDC Support Cluster uses ‘prototyping’, a hands-on design thinking method, to identify what works and what is needed for fast and effective NDC implementation.


The NDC Support Cluster has four distinct thematic work streams – governance, sector approaches, financing, and transparency. In these working groups, the Cluster implementing partners seek a closer collaboration and a coherent approach to complement their respective expertise.

In order to accelerate their thematic work and to advance the global discussion on NDC implementation, the working groups will convene three workshops between April and June 2018. Throughout the workshops, the working group members together with selected experts from developing and developed countries as well as emerging economies aim to determine what works and what is needed for fast and effective NDC implementation. Using an innovative design thinking method called ‘prototyping’, participants in all three workshops will develop ‘NDC implementation approaches’ by identifying solutions to common challenges faced by partner countries in implementing their NDCs. To this end, workshop participants will have ample opportunity to discuss key challenges and barriers and to share experiences and ideas on how to overcome them. Finally, they will pitch the NDC implementation approaches developed in small groups in order to single out those approaches that involve the most specific, detailed, replicable and potentially unconventional solutions to pressing problems with NDC implementation.

The workshop series kicks off with the thematic workshop on sector approaches led by ECN and NewClimate Institute. From 25 to 26 April, the group will discuss among its members and selected energy experts how NDCs can drive transformation in the energy sector, what may hinder this transformation and how to overcome these barriers.

The sector approaches working group event will be followed by a workshop on financing, which will be held in mid-June and led by SSN. The workshop will address the steering of finance flows under Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement, adaptation finance and long-term planning as well as private sector mobilisation. Finally, in late June, the working groups on governance and transparency will host a joint workshop on the topic of vertical integration. This will be organised by WRI and UNDP.

Aside from a comprehensive collection of NDC implementation approaches, possibly in the form of fact sheets, results from the workshops will be published in a joint policy paper, containing a set of recommendations on NDC implementation for the International Climate Initiative (IKI) and the broader international development community.

Watch out for up-coming publications from the workshop series on the Cluster website!



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