Through currently seven projects with a total funding volume of approximately EUR 56 million, ten climate and development implementing partners coordinate their activities to allocate resources effectively and efficiently in 27 selected partner countries. The NDC Cluster operates in full cooperation with the NDC Partnership.

All implementing partners pool their expertise and experience and aim for a coherent approach in four thematic support areas:

  • Governance

  • Sectors

  • Financing

  • Transparency

Depending on the needs of the respective partner governments, the Cluster provides guidance and advisory services on cross-cutting capacity building and knowledge management. It is essential that NDC’s implementation work keeps close ties with the government bodies in charge of NDC coordination, e.g. environmental ministries or national climate change commissions, while the competencies for implementing sector strategies remain within the respective line ministries.

Several implementing organisations are involved in the NDC Cluster. The Cluster contributes to the NDC Partnership, and in this context closely cooperates with other NDC support initiatives, amongst others the US NDC Leadership Compact, the LEDS Global Partnership and the International Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement.